Changing Remote Retrieval Access Code

9 - 4      R E M O T E   F A X   O P T I O N S
Changing Remote Retrieval Access Code
Enter your Remote Retrieval Access Code when the machine picks up your call, 
so you can access features remotely. The access code is preset to 1 5 9  , but 
you can change this. The   cannot be changed.
Press Menu, 2, 5, 3.
Enter a three-digit number from 000 to 
999, and then press Set.
(Do not use the same digits that appear in your Fax Receive Code or Telephone 
Answer Code.)
Press Stop/Exit.
Remote Retrieval
You can call your machine from any fax machine using touch tone and use a 
Remote Retrieval Access Code and other button presses to retrieve fax 
messages. Cut out the Remote Retrieval Access Card on the last page and keep 
it in your wallet as an aid.
Using Remote Retrieval Access Code
Dial your fax number from a fax machine using touch tone. 
(See Changing Remote Retrieval Access Code, Page 9-4.)
When your machine answers and beeps, immediately enter your 
Remote Retrieval Access Code (1 5 9  ).
Your machine signals the kinds of messages received:
1 long beep — Fax message(s)
No long beeps — No messages
Your machine then prompts you with two short beeps to enter a command.  If 
you wait longer than 30 seconds to enter a command, your machine hangs up. If 
you enter an invalid command, your machine beeps three times.
Press 9 0 to reset your machine when you’re finished.
Hang up.
If your machine is set to MANUAL mode, you can access your machine by 
waiting about 2 minutes, and then entering the Remote Retrieval Access Code 
within 30 seconds.