Do You Have Voice Mail, Before You Choose the Ring Pattern to Register

8 - 2      T E L E P H O N E   S E R V I C E S
Do You Have Voice Mail?
If you have Voice Mail on the phone line you on which will install your new 
machine on, there is a strong possibility that Voice Mail and the fax machine 
will conflict with each other while receiving incoming calls. However, this 
Distinctive Ring feature allows the use of more than one number on your 
line, so both Voice Mail and the fax machine can coexist peacefully. If each 
one has a separate phone number, neither will interfere with the other’s work.
If you decide to get the Distinctive Ring Service from the telephone company, 
you will need to follow the directions below to “register” the new Distinctive 
Ring pattern they provided, so your fax machine can recognize its incoming 
Before You Choose the Ring Pattern to Register
You can register only one Distinctive Ring pattern with the machine. Some ring 
patterns cannot be registered. Please refer to some popular ring pattern examples 
that will be provided from the phone company in the USA and Canada that are 
shown in the Brother compatibility table below.
The fax machine will answer only calls to its registered number.
The first two rings are silent on the fax machine. This is because the fax must 
«listen» to the ring pattern (compare it to the pattern that was “registered”).
(Other telephones on the line will ring.)
If you program the fax machine correctly, it will recognize the registered ring 
pattern of the “fax number” within 2 ring patterns and then automatically answer 
with a fax tone. When the “voice number” is called, the fax machine will not 
interrupt the call.
You can change or cancel the Distinctive Ring pattern at any time. You can 
switch it off temporarily and later turn it back on. When you get a new fax 
number, make sure you reset this setting.
If the ring pattern the phone company provided cannot be registered by the fax, 
please check for other available ring pattern choices from the phone 
long - long
short - long - short
short - short - long
very long (normal pattern)