Telephone Services

T E L E P H O N E   S E R V I C E S      
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Telephone Services
Custom Features
Your fax machine supports the Distinctive Ring and Caller ID telephone 
services offered by some telephone companies.
Distinctive Ring
The term “Distinctive Ring” is used by Brother to identify a phone company 
service that is given many names, depending on the Telephone Company you are 
using. For example, this service may be called SmartRing, RingMaster, Teen-
Ring, Indent-a-Call or Indent-a-Ring.
What Does Your Telephone Company’s “Distinctive Ring” Do?
Your telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service allows more than one 
number to be on the same phone line. If you need more than one phone 
number, it is an inexpensive alternative to paying for an additional line. 
Each phone number has its own distinctive ring pattern, so you will know which 
phone number is ringing. This is one way you can have a separate phone number 
for your fax machine.
What Does Brother’s “Distinctive Ring” Do?
The Brother machine has a Distinctive Ring feature that allows you to use your  
machine to take full advantage of the telephone company’s Distinctive Ring 
service. You can dedicate the new phone number on your line to receiving only 
If you have Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Waiting/Caller ID, RingMaster, an 
answering service, or on alarm system custom feature on your telephone line, it may 
create a problem in the operation of your machine. (
See I have difficulty with 
custom features on a single line, Page 13-8.)
If you have Voice Mail on you phone line, please read the following carefully.
Please consult your telephone company for availability and rates.
You must purchase your telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service before 
you program the Brother machine to work with it.