Access Codes and Credit Card Numbers, Pause, Hold, Redial, Tone Pulse For Canada Only

7 - 7      A U T O   D I A L   N U M B E R S   A N D   D I A L I N G   O P T I O N S
Access Codes and Credit Card Numbers
Sometimes you may want to choose from among several long distance carriers 
when you make a call.  Rates may vary depending upon the time and destination.  
To take advantage of low rates, you can store the access codes or long-distance 
carriers as One Touch and Speed Dial numbers. You can store these long dialing 
sequences by dividing them and setting them up separately in any combination.  
You can even include manual dialing using the dial pad.  The combined number 
will be dialed in the order you entered it, as soon as you press Fax Start.  (See 
Storing One Touch Dial Numbers
, Page 7-1.)
For example, you store “555” on One Touch key 03 and “7000” on One Touch 
key 04.  If you press One Touch 03, 04 and Fax Start you can dial “555-7000”.  
To temporarily change a number, you can substitute part of the number with 
manual dialing using the dial pad.  For example, to change the number to 555-7001 
you could press One Touch 03 and then press 7, 0, 0, 1 using the dialing pad.
Press Redial/Pause to insert a 3.5 second pause between numbers. If you are 
dialing overseas, you can press Redial/Pause as many times as needed to 
increase the length of the pause. 
Press Hold to place a call on Hold.
You can replace the handset without disconnecting the call.
Pick up the machine’s handset to release the call from Hold. Picking up an 
extension handset will not release the call from Hold.
If you’re sending a fax manually and the line is busy, press Redial/Pause to 
try again. Anytime you want to make a second call to the last number dialed, 
press Redial/Pause to save time.
Tone/Pulse (For Canada Only)
If you have pulse dialing service, but need to send tone signals 
(for example, telephone banking), follow the directions below. If you have 
touch tone service, you do not need this feature to send tone signals.
Lift the handset.
Press #. Digits dialed after # will send tone signals.
When you hang up, the machine returns to pulse dialing service.
If you must wait for another dial tone at any point in the dialing sequence, store a pause 
at that point in the number by pressing Redial/Pause. Each key press adds a  3. 5 
second delay.