A U T O   D I A L   N U M B E R S   A N D   D I A L I N G   O P T I O N S      
7 - 6
Broadcasting is automatically sending the same fax message to multiple fax 
numbers.  Using the Broadcast key, you can include Groups, One Touch 
locations, Speed Dial locations, plus up to 50 manually dialed numbers.  
However, available memory will vary with the types of jobs in memory and the 
number of locations used for broadcasting.  If you broadcast to more than the 
maximum locations available, you will not be able to set up transmissions using 
dual access and the timer. (See Setting Up Groups for Broadcasting, Page 7-3.)
The easiest way to broadcast is to press Group keys, you can include One Touch, 
Speed Dial, and manually, dialed numbers in the same broadcast. You must 
press Broadcast between each of these locations.  Use the Telephone Index to 
help you choose the numbers easily.
After the broadcast is completed, a Broadcast Report will be printed 
automatically to let you know the results.
Enter the long dialing sequence numbers as you normally would, but keep in 
mind that each key counts as one location, so the number of locations you can 
call become limited.
If the line is busy or for some other reasons a connection could not be made 
while broadcasting, the machine will redial the number automatically.
If the memory is full, press Stop/Exit to abort the job ; (if more than one page 
has been scanned) or press Fax Start to send the portion that is in the memory.
Place the original face down in the ADF.
Enter a number using One Touch, Speed Dial, Group number, Search or the dial 
Example: Group number
Press Broadcast. You will be prompted to press the next number.
Enter the next number. Example: Speed Dial number.
Press Broadcast.
Enter the next fax number.
Example: Manual dialing, using the dial pad
Press Fax Start.
Your machine will read the document into memory and then start sending faxes 
to all the numbers you entered.