Auto Dial Numbers and Dialing Options

7 - 1      A U T O   D I A L   N U M B E R S   A N D   D I A L I N G   O P T I O N S
Auto Dial Numbers and 
Dialing Options
Storing Numbers for Easy Dialing
You can set up your machine to do three types of easy dialing: One Touch, 
Speed Dial, and Groups for Broadcasting of faxes. You can store names with 
these numbers for easy identification.
Storing One Touch Dial Numbers
You can store 32 fax/phone numbers that you can dial by 
pressing one key (and  Fax Start). To access numbers 17 
to 32, hold down the Shift key. When you press a One 
Touch dial location, the LCD shows the name or number 
as the call is dialed. (See One Touch Dialing, Page 7-5.)
One Touch keys are the 16 keys (numbers 01–32) located on the left side of the control panel. 
Press Menu, 2, 3, 1.
Press the One Touch key where you want 
to store a number. 
The LCD shows the location you selected.
Enter a number (up to 20 digits) and then press Set.
(See Changing One Touch and Speed Dial Numbers, Page 7-2.)
Use the dial pad to enter the name (up to 15 
characters), and then press Set. You can use the 
chart on Page 4-4 to help you enter letters—OR—
Press Set to store the number without a name.
Return to Step 2 to store another One-Touch number—OR—Press Stop/Exit.
When you dial an auto dial number, the LCD shows the name you’ve stored, or 
if you haven’t stored a name, the number you’re stored.
If you must wait for another dial tone at any point in the dialing sequence, store 
a pause at that point in the number by pressing Redial/Pause. Each key press 
adds a 3.5 second delay.
If you lose electrical power, auto dial numbers stored in memory will not be 
(For FAX-4750e and FAX-5750e, USA only) One-Touch key 1 has been pre-
programmed for the Brother fax back system.
If you want to enter a pause in the dialing sequence (for example, to access an outside 
line), press Redial/Pause as you’re entering digits. A dash appears on the LCD, 
pressing Redial/Pause enters a 3.5 second pause when the number is dialed.