Setup Send

S E T U P   S E N D      
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Setup Send
Before You Begin
Before you begin sending faxes, please be sure to read all the instructions and 
cautions listed below for placing originals in the automatic document feeder.
Using the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)
Documents must be between 5.8 and 8.5 inches wide between 3.9 and 14.1 
inches long. Your machine can scan an image only 8.15 inches wide, regardless 
of how wide the paper is. 
Fan the pages before 
placing them in the ADF.
Make sure you insert 
documents face down, top 
edge first.
Adjust the paper guides to 
fit the width of your 
The ADF (automatic 
document feeder) can hold up to 30 Pages, feeding each one individually 
through the machine. If you “Stagger” the pages, the ADF can hold up to 50 
pages. Use standard (17 lb–24 lb) paper when using the ADF. If you’re using 
heavier paper, feed each sheet individually to prevent paper jams.
Make sure documents written in ink are completely dry.
Before you send a fax press Resolution to select the resolution for the 
document you’re sending. (See Fax Resolution, Page 6-5.)
DO NOT use curled, wrinkled, folded or ripped paper, or paper with staples, 
paper clips, paste or tape attached. DO NOT use cardboard, newspaper or fabric.
If you send faxes from a computer on the same phone line and your Brother 
machine intercepts them, set Easy Receive to OFF.