Multi Line Connections PBX, Custom Features on Your Phone Line

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Multi-Line Connections (PBX)
Most offices use a central telephone system. While it is often relatively simple 
to connect the machine to a key system or a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), 
we suggest that you contact the company that installed your telephone system 
and ask them to connect the machine for you. It is advisable to have a separate 
line for the machine. You can then leave the machine in FAX mode to receive 
faxes any time of day or night.
If the machine is to be connected to a multi-line system, ask your installer to 
connect the unit to the last line on the system. This prevents the unit from being 
activated each time a telephone call is received.
If you are installing the machine to work with a PBX:
It is not guaranteed that the unit will operate correctly under all circumstances 
with a PBX. Any cases of difficulty should be reported first to the company that 
handles your PBX.
If all incoming calls will be answered by a switchboard operator, it is 
recommended that the Receive Mode be set to 
. All incoming calls 
should initially be regarded as telephone calls.
The machine may be used with either pulse or tone dialing telephone service.
Custom Features on Your Phone Line
If you have Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Waiting/Caller ID, RingMaster, an 
answering service, or an alarm system, or other custom feature on one phone 
line, it may create a problem with the operation of your fax machine. (See I have 
difficulty with custom features on a single line, Page 13-8.)
As with all fax units, this machine must be connected to a two wire system. If 
your line has more than two wires, proper connection of the machine cannot be