Special Line Considerations

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Special Line Considerations
Roll Over Phone Lines
A roll over phone system is a group of two or more separate telephone lines that 
pass incoming calls to each other if they are busy. The calls are usually passed 
down or “rolled over” to the next available phone line in a preset order.
Your machine can work in a roll over system as long as it is the last number in 
the sequence, so the call cannot roll away. Do not put the machine on any of the 
other numbers; when the other lines are busy and a second fax call is received, 
the fax call would be transferred to a line that does not have a fax machine. Your 
machine will work best on a dedicated line.
Two-Line Phone System
A two-line phone system is nothing more than two separate phone numbers on 
the same wall outlet. The two phone numbers can be on separate jacks (RJ11) 
or combined into one jack (RJ14). Your machine must be plugged into an RJ11 
jack. RJ11 and RJ14 jacks may be equal in size and appearance and both may 
contain four wires (black, red, green, yellow). To test the type of jack, plug in a 
two-line phone and see if it can access both lines. If it can, you must separate the 
line for your machine.
Converting Telephone Wall Outlets
There are three ways to convert to an RJ11 receptacle. The first two ways may 
require assistance from the telephone company. You can change the wall outlets 
from one RJ14 jack to two RJ11 jacks. Or, you can have an RJ11 wall outlet 
installed and slave or jump one of the phone numbers to it.
The third way is the easiest: Buy a triplex adapter. You can plug a triplex adapter 
into an RJ14 outlet. It separates the wires into two separate RJ11 jacks (Line 1, 
Line 2) and a third RJ14 jack (Lines 1 and 2). If your machine is on Line 1, plug 
the machine into L1 of the triplex adapter. If your machine is on Line 2, plug it 
into L2 of the triplex adapter. 
Triplex Adapter