Recording Outgoing Message OGM on External TAD

A S S E M B L Y   A N D   C O N N E C T I O N S      
2 - 11
Plug the telephone line cord from the wall jack into the left side of the machine 
in the jack labeled LINE.
Plug the telephone line cord from your TAD into the left side of the machine in 
the jack labeled EXT. (Make sure this cord is connected to the TAD at the 
TAD’s telephone line jack, and not its telephone set jack.)
Set your external TAD to four rings or less. (The machine’s Ring Delay setting 
does not apply).
Record the outgoing message. (See below.)
Set the Receive mode to TAD by pressing Mode until both FAX and FAX/TEL 
lights are on.
Recording Outgoing Message (OGM) on External TAD
Timing is important in recording this message. The message sets up the ways to 
handle both manual and automatic fax reception.
Record 5 seconds of silence at the beginning of your message. (This allows your 
machine time to listen for the fax CNG tones of automatic transmissions before 
they stop.)
Limit your speaking to 20 seconds. (See Easy Receive, Page 5-3.)
End your 20-second message by giving your Fax Receive Code for people 
sending manual faxes. For example: “After the beep, leave a message or send 
a fax by pressing 
5 1 and Start.”
Do not connect a TAD elsewhere on the same phone line.
We recommend beginning your OGM with an initial 5-second silence because 
the machine cannot hear fax tones over a resonant or loud voice. You may try 
omitting this pause, but if your machine has trouble receiving, then you must 
rerecord the OGM to include it.