Connecting an External Telephone, Connecting an External TAD Telephone Answering Device

2 - 10      A S S E M B L Y   A N D   C O N N E C T I O N S
Connecting an External Telephone
Your machine is equipped with a handset that you can use as a regular phone. 
However, you can also connect a separate telephone (or telephone answering 
device) directly to your machine.
Connect the modular plug on the telephone’s line cord to the jack labeled EXT. 
on the left side of the machine. 
Whenever this phone (or TAD) is in use, the LCD shows 
and, if the machine handset is lifted, an alarm sounds. To disconnect a call on 
the external phone and switch to the machine, press Hook. 
Connecting an External TAD 
(Telephone Answering Device)
You might choose to connect an answering system.  When you have an external 
TAD on the same telephone line as the machine, the TAD answers all calls. The 
machine “listens” for fax calling (CNG) tones. If it hears them, the machine 
takes over the call and receives the fax. If it doesn’t hear CNG tones, the 
machine lets the TAD continue playing your outgoing message so your caller 
can leave you a voice message.
The TAD must answer within four rings (the recommended setting is two rings). 
The machine cannot hear CNG tones until the TAD has answered the call, and 
with four rings there are only 8–10 seconds of CNG tones left for the fax 
“handshake.”  Make sure you carefully follow the instructions in this manual for 
recording your outgoing message. We do not recommend using the toll saver 
feature on your external answering machine if it exceeds 4 rings.
The external TAD must be plugged into the left side of the machine in the jack 
labeled EXT. Your machine cannot work properly if you plug the TAD into a 
wall jack.
If You Subscribe to your Telephone Company’s Distinctive Ring Service:
You may connect an external TAD to a separate wall jack only if you subscribe 
to your telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service, have registered the 
distinctive ring pattern on your machine, use that number as a fax number and  
have set your machine’s Receive mode to MANUAL. The recommended 
setting is three or four rings on the external TAD when you have the telephone 
company’s Distinctive Ring service.
If You Do Not Subscribe to Distinctive Ring Service:
You must plug your TAD into the EXT. jack of your Brother machine. If your 
TAD is plugged into a wall jack, both your machine and the TAD will try to 
control the phone line. (See illustration on Page 2-11.)