Manual Feed Slot

A S S E M B L Y   A N D   C O N N E C T I O N S      
2 - 5
Plug the modular cable from 
Cassette #2 into the modular 
jack on the Brother machine.
Manual Feed Slot
Use the manual feed slot to print or copy on envelopes, labels, 
transparencies, card stock or thicker paper:
The manual feed slot is above the paper cassette. Load paper or envelopes one 
at a time.  You do not have to remove paper from the paper cassette. 
You do not have to choose Manual Feed in the Setup dialog box of your printer 
driver.  Insert the sheet of paper for Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal), 
with the side you wish to print on face up in the manual feed slot. 
Align the paper at the center of the manual feed slot and insert the paper into the 
manual feed slot until the front edge of the paper touches the paper feed roller.
Adjust the paper guides to the width of the paper.
To select which cassette will be used for printing, see Setting Cassette Usage, 
Page 4-2.
If you move the machine after connecting Cassette #2, be sure to carefully lift 
Cassette #2 with the machine because they are not attached.