Brother Numbers

Brother Numbers
Register your product
By registering your product with Brother International Corporation, you will be 
recorded as the original owner of the product. Your registration with Brother:
may serve as confirmation of the purchase date of your product should you lose 
your receipt;
may support an insurance claim by you in the event of product loss covered by 
insurance; and,
will help us notify you of enhancements to your product and special offers.
Please complete and fax the Brother Warranty Registration And Test Sheet or, 
for your convenience and most efficient way to register your new product, 
register on-line at 
FAQs (frequently asked questions)
The Brother Solutions Center is our one-stop resource for all your Fax Machine/
Multi-Function Center needs. You can download the latest software documents 
and utilities, read FAQs and troubleshooting tips, and learn how to get the most 
from your Brother product.
For Customer Service
For technical help, you must call the country where you bought the machine. 
Calls must be made 
from within
 that country.
You can check here for Brother driver updates.
To keep your machine performance up to date, check here for the latest firmware 
upgrade (for Windows
1-800-284-4329 (voice)
1-901-379-1215 (fax)
1-800-284-3238 (TTY service for the hearing-impaired)
In Canada:
1-877-BROTHER (voice)
(514) 685-4898 (fax)
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