About Fax Machines

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About Fax Machines
If you’re a first-time fax machine user, fax operation might seem a little 
mysterious. Soon, you’ll recognize the unusual fax tones on your phone line, 
and be able to send and receive faxes easily. 
Custom Features
Do You Have Voice Mail on the Phone Line?
If you have Voice Mail on the phone line on which you will install your new fax 
machine, there is a strong possibility that Voice Mail and the fax machine will 
conflict with each other while receiving incoming calls.
Why Should There Be Trouble?
Since both fax machines and Voice Mail pick up the line at the number of rings 
you have set, each of them has the ability to keep the other from receiving calls. 
For example, if your Voice Mail is set to answer after two rings and your fax 
machine is set to answer after four, your Voice Mail will keep your fax machine 
from receiving faxes. If you set Voice Mail and the Brother machine to answer 
at the same number of rings, there is no way of knowing which one will answer 
first. It is important to remember that neither Voice Mail nor the fax machine 
can pass the call back to the other after the call has been answered.
How Can You Avoid Possible Problems?
A very good way to avoid a problem like the one mentioned previously is to get 
a second phone number on your present phone line. Many people with Voice 
Mail opt for this choice, which is called “Distinctive Ring”, and they are very 
satisfied with it. For details about this type of custom service, please see 
Distinctive Ring
, page 8-1.
Another way to avoid a possible problem is to replace your Voice Mail with an 
answering machine. Your Brother fax machine is designed to work in tandem 
with an answering machine or TAD (telephone answering device). 
(See Connecting an External TAD (Telephone Answering Device), Page 2-10.)