I N T R O D U C T I O N    
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Using This Manual
Thank you for purchasing a Brother fax machine. 
This machine has been designed to be simple to use, with LCD screen prompts 
to guide you through programming your machine. However, you can use your 
machine to its fullest potential by taking a few minutes to read this manual.
Finding Information
All chapter headings and subheadings are listed in the Table of Contents. You 
will be able to find information about a specific feature or operation by checking 
the Index in the back of this manual.
Conventions Used in this Manual
Throughout this manual you’ll see special symbols alerting you to important 
information, warnings, and actions to perform. For clarification, and to help you 
choose the correct key presses, we’ve added illustrations of some of the LCD 
Bold typeface identifies a specific key on the machine control panel.
Italics typeface emphasize an important point, or refer you to related 
bubble dot
Bubble Dot typeface identifies the messages on the LCD of the 
Additionally, your machine has a Reports Key. Press Reports, 1 to print a 
list of basic step instructions and explanations. 
Warnings detail precautions you must take to avoid possible 
personal injury.
Cautions specify procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent 
possible damage to the machine.
Notes tell you the proper response for a situation that may 
FYI tips provide details about how the current operation 
interacts with other features.
Improper Setup alerts you to devices and procedures that are 
not compatible with the machine.