G - 1
ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)  Originals can be placed in the ADF and scanned one 
at a time automatically.
Auto Dial List  A listing of names and numbers stored in One Touch and Speed Dial memory, 
in numerical order.
automatic fax transmission  Sending a fax without picking up the handset or pressing Hook.
Automatic Redial  If the fax did not go through because the line was busy, the Brother machine 
redials the number.
Auto Reduction  Reduces the size of incoming faxes.
Backup Print (Not available for FAX-4100e)  Sets your Brother machine to print a copy of 
faxes that are received and stored in memory.
Batch Transmission  As a cost savings feature, all delayed faxes to the same fax number will 
be sent as one transmission.
Beeper  The sound the keys make when they are pressed, an error occurs or a document has been 
received or transmitted.
Beeper Volume  Volume setting for the beep when you press a key or make an error.
Broadcasting  The ability to send the same fax message to more than one location.
Caller ID  A service purchased from the Telephone Company that lets you see the number (or 
name) of the party calling you. Your Brother machine stores the latest callers so you can print 
a Log, view caller information, register selected callers as auto dial numbers.
Cancel Job  Cancels a programmed job, like Delayed Fax or Polling.
CNG tones  The special tones (beeps) sent by fax machines during automatic transmission to 
tell the receiving machine that a fax machine is calling.
communication error (or Comm. Error)  An error during fax sending or receiving, usually 
caused by line noise or static.
coding method  Method of coding the information contained in an original. All fax machines 
must use a minimum standard of Modified Huffman (MH). Your Brother machine is capable 
of greater compression methods: Modified Read (MR) Modified Modified Read (MMR) and 
Joint Bi-level Image export working Group (JBIG) if the receiving machine has the same 
compatibility group  The ability of one fax unit to communicate with another. Compatibilty is 
assured between ITU-T Groups.
Contrast  A setting that compensates for dark or light originals, by lightening dark documents 
or darkening light originals.