Replacing the Drum Unit

T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   A N D   R O U T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E      
13 - 23
Reinstall the drum unit and close the 
front cover.
Replacing the Drum Unit
The machine uses a drum unit to create print images on paper. If the LCD shows 
, the drum unit is near the end of its life and it is time 
to purchase a new one.
Even if the LCD shows 
, you may be able to continue 
printing without having to replace the drum unit for a while. However, if there 
is a noticeable deterioration in the output print quality (even before 
 is shown), then the drum unit should be replaced. 
You should clean the machine when you replace the drum unit. 
(See Page 13-19.)
When removing the drum unit, handle it carefully because it contains toner. If 
toner scatters and your hands or clothes get dirty, immediately wipe or wash 
with cold water. 
Just after you have used the 
machine, some internal parts 
of the machine are extremely 
HOT! So please be careful.
Follow these steps to replace 
the drum unit:
The drum unit is a consumable item, and it is necessary to replace it 
periodically. There are many factors that determine the actual drum life, such 
as temperature, humidity, type of paper and how much toner you use for the 
number of pages per print job. The estimated drum life is up to 20,000 pages. 
The actual number of pages your drum will print may be significantly less than 
these estimates. Because we have no control over the many factors that 
determine the actual drum life, we cannot guarantee a minimum number of 
pages that will be printed by your drum.