13 - 10      T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   A N D   R O U T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E
Software Difficulties
“Unable to write to 
LPT1” or “LPT1 
already in use” error 
message appears.
1. Make sure the machine is on (plugged into the 
AC outlet) and that it is connected directly to the 
computer using an IEEE-1284 bi-directional 
parallel cable. The cable must not go through 
another peripheral device (such as a Zip Drive, 
External CD-ROM Drive, or Switch box).
2. Make sure the machine’s LCD screen is not 
displaying an error message.
3. Make sure no other device drivers, which also 
communicate through the parallel port, are running 
automatically when you boot up the computer 
(such as, drivers for Zip Drives, External CD-
ROM Drive, etc…) Suggested areas to check: 
(Load=, Run= command lines in the win.ini file or 
the Startup Group)
4. Check with you computer manufacturer to 
confirm that the computer’s parallel port 
settings in the BIOS are set to support a bi-
directional machine, i.e. (Parallel Port Mode-
“MFC is Busy” or 
“MFC Connect Failure” 
error message appears.
MFC Connect Failure
If the Brother machine is not connected to your PC 
and you have loaded the Brother software, the PC 
will show “MFC Connect Failure” each time you 
restart Windows
. You can ignore this message or 
you can turn it off by deselect the AutoLoad 
PopUp check box in the Brother Control Center 
chapter. (
See How to Turn Off AutoLoad, Page 14-2, 
in On-Line Documentation (Owner’s Manual) on 
the CD-ROM.)
 Setup Printing Difficulties
I cannot print from my 
application software.
Make sure the Windows
 printer driver is installed 
and that you selected it in your application 
Sometimes I get the 
error message 
printing certain 
documents from 
If you are using the supplied Windows
 driver, turn 
the error recover operation on in the Setup dialog 
box and try again. Reduce the print resolution or 
reduce the complexity of your document and try