T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   A N D   R O U T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E      
13 - 9
General Printing Difficulties
The machine does not 
Check the following: 
 • The machine is plugged in. 
 • The toner cartridge and drum unit are installed 
 • The interface cable is securely connected 
between the machine and the computer.
 • Check to see if LCD is showing an error message. 
(See pages 13-1 to 13-3)
The machine prints 
unexpectedly or it prints 
Reset the machine. Check the primary settings in 
your application software to make sure it is set up 
to work with your machine.
The machine prints the  
first couple of pages 
correctly, then some 
pages have text missing.
Your computer is not recognizing the printer input 
buffer’s full signal. Please make sure to connect the 
printer cable correctly. 
The machine cannot 
print full pages of a 
document; An 
error message occurs.
Reduce the printer resolution. Reduce the 
complexity of your document and try again. 
Reduce the graphic quality or the number of font 
sizes within your application software. 
My headers or footers 
appear when I view my 
document on the screen, 
but do not appear when I 
print them.
Most laser printers have a restricted area that will 
not accept print. Usually these are the first two 
lines and last two lines, leaves 62  printable lines.  
Adjust the top and bottom margins in your 
document to allow for this.