T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   A N D   R O U T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E      
13 - 7
Phone Line or Connections
Dialing does not work.
Check for a dial tone. Change 
setting (See Setting Tone/Pulse Dialing Mode, Page 
4-8). Check all line cord connections, and make 
sure the curled handset cord is not in the EXT jack. 
Check power cord connection. Send a manual fax 
by pressing Hook—OR—by lifting the handset, 
and dialing the number. Wait to hear the fax 
receiving tones before pressing Fax Start.
The machine does not 
answer when called.
Make sure the machine is in the correct receiving 
mode for your setup (either 
). Check for dial tone. If possible, call your 
machine to hear it answer. If there is still no 
answer, check the telephone line cord connection. 
Connect a standard telephone handset to the 
machine telephone jack. If there is no ringing when 
you call your machine, call your Telephone 
Company to check the line.
There is no dial tone on 
the handset.
Press Hook—OR—Lift the handset. If you hear 
no dial tone, check telephone line cord connections 
at the machine and wall jack. Check that the 
handset curled cord is connected to the machine’s 
handset jack. Test the jack with another single line 
telephone. If no dial tone on the wall outlet, call 
your telephone company.
Sending Faxes
Transmitting quality is 
Try changing your resolution to 
(See Fax Resolution, Page 6-5). Make a copy to 
verify the machine’s scanner operation.
Verification Report 
prints “Results:NG”.
There is probably temporary noise or static on the 
phone line. Try sending the fax again. If the 
problem continues, call the Telephone Company to 
check your phone line.
The receiving party says 
the picture is not clear.
Sometimes the resolution mode you chose when you 
sent your fax was not appropriate. Send the fax again, 
but try using the 
 mode. Also, your 
machine’s scanner may be dirty, so try cleaning it. 
(See page 13-18)
The receiving party says 
vertical streaks appear 
on the faxes they 
Your machine’s scanner may be dirty or the receiving 
party’s print head may be dirty. Clean your scanner 
(see page 13-18)
, and then make a copy to check if the 
problem was caused by your machine.