If You Are Having Difficulty with Your Machine

13 - 6      T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   A N D   R O U T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E
If You Are Having Difficulty with Your Machine
If you think there is a problem with your machine, make a copy first. If the copy 
looks good, the problem is probably not your machine. Check the table below 
and follow the troubleshooting tips.
Printing and Receiving Faxes
Condensed print and 
horizontal streaks; top 
and bottom of sentences 
are cut off.
If your copy looks good, you probably had a bad 
connection, with static or interference on the phone 
line. If the copy looks bad, clean the scanner area. 
If there is still a problem, call Brother Customer 
Service at:
1-800-284-4329 (in USA) or 1-877-BROTHER 
(in Canada).
Vertical streaks; black 
lines appear on the faxes 
you receive.
Sometimes you may see vertical streaks/black lines 
on the faxes you receive. Either your machine’s 
primary corona wire for printing may be dirty, or 
the sending party’s fax scanner may be dirty. Clean 
your primary corona wire (see pages 13-19), or ask 
the sender to make a copy to see if the problem is 
with the sending machine.
Try receiving from another fax machine.
If the problem continues, call Brother Customer 
Service at:
1-800-284-4329 (in USA) or 1-877-BROTHER 
(in Canada).
The FAX “hears”  voice 
as CNG tone.
If your machine is set to Easy Receive 
, it is 
more sensitive to sounds. Your machine may 
mistakenly interpret certain voices or music on the 
line as a calling fax machine and respond with fax 
receiving tones. Deactivate the fax by pressing #51 
if you are at an extension phone or press Stop/Exit 
if you are at the machine or an external phone.
Try avoiding this problem by turning Easy Receive 
to OFF. (See Easy Receive, Page 5-3)
Horizontal streaks; lines 
are missing.
You may get a fax with horizontal streaks or with 
missing lines. Usually this is caused by a poor telephone 
connection. Ask the other party to send the fax again.
Received faxes appear 
as split or blank pages.
If the received data is divided and printed on two 
pages or if you get an additional blank page, your 
Paper Size setting may not be correct for the paper 
you are using (see page 4-1). If you are using the fixed 
reduction feature, check to see if the reduction ratio is 
suitable for the real paper. (See page 11-3)