Why does height and shape  
of bread differ in each loaf?
Height and shape of bread may differ depending on the ingredients, room temperature and 
length of timer cycle. also, accurate measurement of ingredients is essential to make delicious 
Bread has unusual aroma. 
stale ingredients may have been used or too much yeast may have been used. always use fresh 
ingredients. accurate measurements are essential to make delicious bread.
kneading paddle comes out 
with bread.
This can happen, as kneading paddle is detachable. Use the paddle removal key or a nonmetal 
utensil to remove it.
Caution: Kneading paddle will be hot. Allow bread to cool before removing paddle.
Bread has floured corners.
sometimes flour in the corners of the bread pan may not have been completely kneaded into 
dough. scrape it off the loaf with a knife. Check bread about 10 minutes into kneading cycle. 
if all flour is not incorporated, use a rubber spatula to remove the flour from the sides of the 
bread pan so it can be incorporated into the dough.
Can ingredients be halved  
or doubled?
NO. if there is too little in bread pan, kneading paddle cannot knead well enough. if there is  
too much, bread rises out of bread pan.
Can fresh milk be used 
in place of dry milk?
yES. Be sure to decrease same measurement of water to equal liquid substitution.  
fresh milk is not recommended when using delay bake timer, because it may spoil while  
sitting in bread pan.
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What does your warranty not cover?
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How does state law relate to this warranty?
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