About BrickBreaker
BrickBreaker scoring
How do I set the speed of the paddle?
How do I accelerate the paddle?
Can I change the volume for the game?
Can I submit my scores to the BrickBreaker high score 
web site?
How do I check the BrickBreaker high score web site?
Why are the bricks descending?
About BrickBreaker
The object of this game is to destroy bricks using a 
paddle and a ball. To move the paddle, roll the 
trackwheel. To release the ball when in catch mode, or 
to shoot the laser or gun, press the Space key.
During the game, the following capsules fall from the 
bricks that you destroy:
• Long makes the paddle longer.
• Slow slows down the speed of the ball.
• Gun enables you to shoot three bullets at the 
bricks. A bullet can destroy unbreakable bricks.
• Laser enables you to shoot unlimited laser beams 
at the bricks.
• Multi puts four balls in play.
• Catch enables you to catch and hold the ball.
• Flip changes the direction of the paddle.
• Wrap enables you to move the paddle beyond the 
edge of the screen.
• Bomb destroys the next brick that you hit and 
damages nearby bricks.
• Life gives you an additional life.
BrickBreaker scoring
• Catching a capsule: 50 points
• Shooting a brick with the gun: 50 points
• Hitting a brick with the ball: 10 points
• Shooting a brick with the laser: 5 points
• Damaging a brick with a bomb: 5 points
How do I set the speed of the 
In the BrickBreaker options, set the Paddle Movement 
Speed field.
How do I accelerate the paddle?
To accelerate the paddle as you roll the trackwheel, in 
the BrickBreaker options, select the Paddle 
Acceleration check box.
Can I change the volume for the 
Yes. In the BrickBreaker options, set the Volume field.