Change the device password

User Guide
Change the device password
1. In the device options, click Security Options.
2. Click General Settings.
3. Click the trackwheel.
4. Click Change Password.
5. Type your current device password.
6. Click the trackwheel.
7. Type a new device password.
8. Click the trackwheel.
9. Retype the new device password.
10. Click the trackwheel.
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Turn off the device password
1. In the device options, click Security Options. 
2. Click General Settings.
3. Set the Password field to Disabled.
4. Click the trackwheel.
5. Click Save.
6. Type the device password.
7. Click the trackwheel.
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with a 
corporate email account, you might not be able to 
turn off the device password. Contact your system 
administrator for more information.
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Lock and unlock the device
To lock the BlackBerry® device, with a device 
password set, on the Home screen, click Lock. 
To unlock your device, on the Lock screen, roll the 
trackwheel. Click Unlock. Type your password. Press 
the Enter key.
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About keyboard lock
If you do not set a device password, you can lock your 
keyboard to prevent accidentally placing calls or 
typing characters.
Lock and unlock the keyboard
To lock the BlackBerry® device keyboard, on the Home 
screen, click Keyboard Lock.
To unlock the keyboard, double-click the trackwheel.
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About content protection and 
Content protection is designed to encrypt your 
BlackBerry® device data. When your device is 
password locked, an open lock in the device status 
section of the screen indicates that encryption is in 
progress. A closed lock indicates that encryption is 
complete. After you type your device password, data 
on your device is decrypted as you access it.
To use content protection, you must set a device 
Content compression reduces the size of the data that 
is stored on your device and to maintain the integrity 
of that data.