Manage paired Bluetooth enabled

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About Bluetooth pairings (See page 71.)
Manage paired Bluetooth-enabled 
In the list of paired Bluetooth®-enabled devices, click 
a paired Bluetooth-enabled device. Click Device 
Properties. Perform one of the following actions:
• Edit the paired Bluetooth-enabled device name.
• Set whether the paired Bluetooth-enabled device 
can connect with your BlackBerry® device without 
• Set whether Bluetooth connections with your 
BlackBerry device are encrypted.
To remove a Bluetooth-enabled device from the list of 
paired Bluetooth-enabled devices, click a Bluetooth-
enabled device. Click Delete Device. 
Set how your BlackBerry device 
appears to other Bluetooth-enabled 
In the Bluetooth® options, perform one of the 
following actions:
• In  the  Device Name field, type the name of your 
BlackBerry® device.
• In  the  Discoverable field, set whether your 
BlackBerry device is available for pairing with 
other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Use Bluetooth wireless technology 
during a call
1. Verify that the Bluetooth® radio is turned on and 
that your BlackBerry® device is paired with a 
Bluetooth-enabled device.
2. During a call, click the trackwheel. Click Activate 
<Bluetooth device>. 
Related topic
About Bluetooth pairings (See page 71.)
Share your address book with a 
paired Bluetooth-enabled device
In the Bluetooth® options, in the Address Book 
Transfer field, perform one of the following actions:
• To share all the contacts in your BlackBerry® 
device address book, select All Entries.
• To share contacts that you have had contact with 
recently over the phone, select Hotlist Only.