Create tasks
Manage tasks
Change task status
Create categories
Apply categories to contacts, tasks, or memos
Sort contacts, tasks, or memos by category
Delete categories
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Tasks — frequently asked questions
Create tasks
1. In the task list, click the trackwheel.
2. Click New.
3. Type the task details.
4. Set a due date for the task.
5. If the task is recurring, set how frequently it 
should recur.
6. Click the trackwheel.
7. Click Save.
If your task recurs, perform the following actions:
Set the Every field to change the frequency of the 
task. For example, to set a task to recur every three 
days, set the Every field to 3. 
Select the Relative Date check box for the task to 
recur on a relative date (for example, on the last Friday 
of each month).
In the Days field, set the days on which the weekly 
task should recur. To select a day, press the Enter key.
Manage tasks
Click a task. Click one of the following menu items:
• Open
• Delete
• Delete Completed
• Mark Completed
• Mark In Progress
• Hide Completed
Change task status
To change the status for a task to Waiting or 
Deferred, open the task. Edit the Status field.
Tasks — frequently asked questions
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