Apply categories to contacts tasks

15: Contacts
Apply categories to contacts, tasks, 
or memos
1. When creating or editing a contact, task, or memo, 
click the trackwheel. 
2. Click Categories.
3. Select a category.
4. Press the Space key.
5. Click the trackwheel.
6. Click Save.
Sort contacts, tasks, or memos by 
In the address book, task list, or memos list, click the 
trackwheel. Click Filter. Select a category. Press the 
Space key.
To view your full list of contacts again, click the 
trackwheel. Click Filter. Clear the check box beside the 
selected category.
Delete categories
In the address book, task list, or memos list, click the 
trackwheel. Click Filter. Click a category. Click Delete. 
When you delete a category, the category is deleted, 
but any contacts, tasks, or memos to which the 
category applied are not deleted.
About pauses and waits
Use a wait or a pause to separate additional numbers, 
for example a password or extension, from a main 
phone number. After dialing the main phone number, 
your BlackBerry® device either pauses before dialing 
the additional numbers (pause) or prompts you to type 
them (wait).
Add pauses or waits
When creating or editing a contact, in a phone 
number field, click the trackwheel. Click Add Wait or 
Add Pause. Type the additional numbers.
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About remote address book search
To find and add contacts from your company address 
book, your BlackBerry® device must be integrated with 
an account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ 
version 3.5 or later for Microsoft® Exchange, 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 2.2 or later for 
IBM® Lotus® Domino®, or BlackBerry Enterprise 
Server version 4.0 or later for Novell® GroupWise®. 
Contact your system administrator for more 
Search for contacts in your company 
address book
In the address book, click the trackwheel. Click 
Lookup. Type the name of a contact. Click the 
You can also type part of a contact name to widen the 
search results.
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Manage remote address book search results (See page 
Manage remote address book search 
In the remote address book search results, click a 
contact. Perform one of the following actions: