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Manage programs
Prevent third-party programs from transmitting data
Download ring tones
Manage ring tones
Download background images
About browser push
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Downloading — frequently asked questions
Download programs
On a web page, click a link for a program. Click Get 
Link. Click Download. Click OK.
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Manage programs
To view a list of programs that are currently loaded on 
your BlackBerry® device, in the device options, click 
Advanced Options. Click Applications.
To view details for a third-party program, on the 
Applications screen, click the program. Click 
To delete a third-party program, click the program. 
Click Delete.
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Download ring tones
1. On a web page, click a .mid or .wav file link.
2. Click Get Link.
3. Click Menu.
4. Click Save.
5. Type a name for the ring tone.
6. Click OK.
Your service provider might have supplied a link to a 
preferred vendor of ring tones. In profiles, click the 
trackwheel. Click Show Tunes. Click the trackwheel. 
Click Download Tunes.
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About browser push
Browser push is designed to enable you to receive 
content on your BlackBerry® device from web 
applications without requesting it. For example, you 
can receive updates or notifications for weather, stock 
quotes, or news.