Organize bookmarks into folders, Clear browser caches, About TLS, About WTLS, Browser shortcuts

User Guide
Organize bookmarks into folders
In the bookmarks list, click a folder. Perform one of the 
following actions:
• To add a folder, click Add Subfolder.
• To open a bookmark folder with subfolders, click 
• To close a bookmark folder with subfolders, click 
• To rename a folder that you added, click the 
trackwheel. Click Rename Folder.
• To move a bookmark into a folder, click the 
bookmark. Click Move Bookmark. Roll the 
trackwheel to move the bookmark. Click the 
Clear browser caches
In the browser options, click Cache Operations. Click 
the button for a type of cache.
About TLS
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is designed to provide 
additional authentication and security when you 
browse web pages using the BlackBerry Browser.
Related topic
How do I set BlackBerry Browser security options? (See 
page 131.)
About WTLS
Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) is the WAP 
Browser security layer that is designed to provide 
security for WAP services.
Related topic
How do I set WAP Browser security options? (See page 
Browser shortcuts
To return to the last page that you viewed, press the 
Escape button.
To insert a period in the Go To dialog box, press the 
Space key.
To insert a slash mark (/) in the Go To dialog box, 
press the Shift key + the Space key.
To edit a web address in the Go To dialog box, hold 
the Alt key and roll the trackwheel. In the Go To field, 
edit the text. Click the trackwheel. Click OK.
To move to the next page in the history, press 6.
To move to the previous page in the history, press 4.
To move down a page, press 9.
To move up a page, press 3.
To view a file link, press the Enter key.
To stop a web page from loading, press the Escape 
To move to a specific web page, press the period (.) 
To move between full-screen mode and normal mode, 
press the exclamation point (!) key.
To close the browser, hold the Escape button.