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Find your Walkie-Talkie number
In the phone, click the trackwheel. Click Status. Your 
Walkie-Talkie number appears in the following format: 
About call alerts
With Walkie-Talkie services, you can send a call alert 
to notify someone that you want to talk. Using a call 
alert allows the person to decide whether to respond.
Send call alerts
In the phone, type a Walkie-Talkie number 
). Click Alert. 
Press the Walkie-Talkie button.
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About call alerts (See page 47.)
Make Walkie-Talkie calls
In the phone, type a Walkie-Talkie number 
) or select a 
contact. To speak to your contact, hold the Walkie-
Talkie button. Wait for the sound before you speak.
To listen to your contact, release the Walkie-Talkie 
To end the call, press the End key. If you wait for a 
short period of time, the call should end automatically.
If a contact does not appear in the phone, click the 
trackwheel. Click Call From Address Book. Click a 
contact. Press the Walkie-Talkie button.
About Talkgroup calls
A Talkgroup call is a group call between members of a 
group that is created by your account administrator. 
To make or receive a group call, you must be a 
member of the Talkgroup and your service provider 
must support group calls.
All members of the Talkgroup can speak or listen 
during a group call, but only one member can speak at 
a time.
Join Talkgroups
In the phone, type # and the Talkgroup number. Click