Backing up and restoring device data

Backing up and restoring device data
About backing up and restoring device data
Restore device data
About backing up and restoring 
device data
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with an 
account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ 
version 4.0 or later, settings on your device that are 
not saved in your desktop email program should be 
backed up over the wireless network. These settings 
include fonts, bookmarks, and other device settings. 
Information that is saved as part of personal 
information management (PIM) synchronization or 
wireless email reconciliation is not backed up.
If you are using the BlackBerry Desktop Software with 
your device, you can back up and restore your device 
data using the Backup and Restore tool. See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
 for more 
information about backing up and restoring device 
data manually.
If your device is integrated with an account that uses 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ version 4.0 or later and 
your device data is lost or erased, you should be able 
to restore your device data (but not message data) 
using enterprise activation.
Restore device data
1. In the device options, click Advanced Options.
2. Click Enterprise Activation. 
3. Type your corporate email address and the 
password supplied by your system administrator.
4. Click the trackwheel. 
5. Click Activate.