Turn on wireless PIM synchronization

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If your device is integrated with an account that uses 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ version 4.0 or later and 
wireless PIM synchronization is turned on, PIM items 
should be synchronized over the wireless network. You 
can turn wireless PIM synchronization on and off using 
the device. 
If your device is integrated with an account that uses 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ version 2.1 or later and 
wireless calendar synchronization is enabled, calendar 
entries should be synchronized over the wireless 
network. You can synchronize all other PIM items 
using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
 for more 
information about synchronizing PIM items manually 
or configuring wireless calendar synchronization using 
the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
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Turn on wireless PIM synchronization
In the tasks, memo, address book, or calendar options, 
set the Wireless Synchronization field to Yes. Click 
the trackwheel. Click Save.
If the Wireless Synchronization option does not appear 
on the BlackBerry® device, you can set wireless 
calendar synchronization using the BlackBerry 
Desktop Software. See the 
BlackBerry Desktop 
Software Online Help
 for more information.
If you have been using your device with wireless PIM 
synchronization turned off or you are turning on 
wireless PIM synchronization for the first time, 
synchronize your device using the BlackBerry Desktop 
Software before you turn on wireless PIM 
If you turn on wireless PIM synchronization on the 
device, you cannot synchronize PIM items using the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software.
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Can I synchronize PIM items over the wireless 
network? (See page 123.)