Synchronizing data

Synchronizing data
About email reconciliation
Turn on wireless email reconciliation
Reconcile deleted messages
About PIM synchronization
Turn on wireless PIM synchronization
Synchronization — frequently asked questions
About email reconciliation
If you turn on email reconciliation, any messages that 
you file or delete on your BlackBerry® device should 
also be filed or deleted in your desktop email program. 
Likewise, any changes that you make to messages in 
your desktop email program should be reflected on 
your device.
If your device integration option supports wireless 
email reconciliation, changes are reconciled over the 
wireless network.
If your device integration option does not support 
wireless email reconciliation, changes can be 
reconciled using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. See 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
 for more 
information about manual email reconciliation.
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Can I reconcile email messages over the wireless 
network? (See page 123.)
Turn on wireless email reconciliation
In the messages options, click Email Reconciliation. 
Set the Wireless Reconcile field to On. Click the 
trackwheel. Click Save.
Set the wireless reconcile option for each email 
account that is integrated with your BlackBerry® 
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Can I reconcile email messages over the wireless 
network? (See page 123.)
Reconcile deleted messages
To set how deleted messages are reconciled between 
your BlackBerry® device and desktop email program, 
in the messages options, click Email Reconciliation. 
Set the Delete On field. Click the trackwheel. Click 
Set the email reconciliation option for each email 
account that is integrated with your device.
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About PIM synchronization
You can synchronize personal information 
management (PIM) items such as tasks, memos, 
contacts, and calendar entries so that the entries on 
your BlackBerry® device and in your desktop email 
program are similar.