MMS messages

MMS messages
About MMS messages
Find your MMS number
Open MMS messages
Send MMS messages
Send MMS messages from the browser, pictures list, or 
Save draft messages
Add multiple contacts to a message
Set the importance level
Set delivery and read notification
Manage MMS message attachments
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Manage MMS messages
About MMS messages
With an MMS-compatible number, you can send and
receive multimedia message service (MMS) messages. 
An MMS-compatible number is a phone number that 
your service provider enables for MMS. 
If your service provider supports MMS, you can send 
MMS messages that contain .jpg, .gif, .wbmp, .png, 
.smil, .midi, .wav, .vcf (vCard®), or .vcs (vCalendar®) 
content and receive MMS messages that contain .jpg, 
.gif, .wbmp, .png, .midi, .wav, .txt, .midi, .vcf, .vcs, or 
.smil content.
You can add one or more images that are not 
copyright protected to an MMS message, but the 
message cannot exceed 300 KB.
You can only send non recurring appointments in 
MMS messages. If you attach a meeting, the attendees 
are removed.
Find your MMS number
In the phone, the My Number field displays your 
phone number. If your BlackBerry® device is enabled 
for MMS, this number is also your MMS number.
Open MMS messages
An unopened MMS message appears in the messages 
list with a closed italic envelope icon. After you open 
the message, the closed italic envelope changes to an 
open italic envelope.
If MMS content does not appear when you open the 
message, click the trackwheel. Click Retrieve.
Send MMS messages
1. In the messages list, click the trackwheel.
2. Click Compose MMS.
3. Click [Use Once].
4. Click MMS. 
5. Select a send method.
6. Type an MMS-compatible phone number or an 
email address.
7. Click the trackwheel.
8. Click Continue.
9. Type a message.
10. Click the trackwheel.