Manage filters

3: Email messages
Manage filters
Click a filter. Perform one of the following actions:
• To turn on the filter, select a filter. Press the Space 
• To view and edit a filter, click a filter. Click Edit.
• To move the filter higher or lower in the list, click 
the filter. Click Move. Roll the trackwheel to move 
the filter. Click the trackwheel.
• To delete the filter, click a filter. Click Delete.
Create filters quickly
In the messages list, click a message on which to base 
your filter. Perform one of the following actions:
• To create a filter based on the sender, click Filter 
Sender. Type a title. Click the trackwheel. Click 
• To create a filter based on the subject, click Filter 
Subject. Type a title. Click the trackwheel. Click 
About folder redirection
If rules within your desktop email program direct new 
messages into different folders, you must specify 
which folders should forward messages to your 
BlackBerry® device.
To set folder redirection on your device, your device 
must be integrated with an account that uses 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ version 4.0 or later.
Set folder redirection
1. In the messages options, click Email Settings.
2. Click the trackwheel.
3. Click Folder Redirection.
4. Select the check boxes beside the folders from 
which messages should be forwarded.
5. Click the trackwheel.
6. Click Save.
Make sure that you select the Inbox check box. If you 
do not select the Inbox check box, messages are not 
forwarded from this folder.
To select all your folders for redirection, including your 
Sent Items folder, select the Select All check box. 
Messages that are sent from your desktop email 
program also appear on your BlackBerry® device.
You can also use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to 
specify folder redirection settings. If you use the 
BlackBerry Internet Service™, log in to your account 
using a desktop browser to specify folder redirection 
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Messages shortcuts
To open a selected message, press the Enter key.
To compose a message from the messages list, press 
the comma (,) key.
To reply to a message, press the exclamation point (!) 
To forward a message, press the period (.) key.
To reply to all, press the question mark (?) key.
To move down a page, press 9.
To move up a page, press 3.
To view sent messages or call logs for outgoing phone 
calls, in the messages list, press the Alt key + the 
period (.) key.
To view received messages or call logs for incoming 
phone calls, in the messages list, press the Alt key + 3.