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About out-of-office replies
The out-of-office reply should be sent automatically to 
a contact the first time that contact sends you an 
email message.
To set an out-of-office reply on your BlackBerry® 
device, your device must be integrated with an 
account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ 
version 4.0 or later.
Set an out-of-office reply
1. In the messages options, click Email Settings.
2. Set the Use Out Of Office Reply field to Yes.
3. Type a reply.
4. If you use an IBM® Lotus Notes® desktop email 
program, in the Until field, set the date on which 
the out-of-office reply should be turned off.
5. Click the trackwheel.
6. Click Save.
You can also set an out-of-office reply in your desktop 
email program. If you use the BlackBerry Internet 
Service™, log in to your account using a desktop 
browser to set an out-of-office reply.
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About filters
You can create filters to specify which email messages 
are forwarded to your BlackBerry® device and which 
messages remain in your desktop email program. To 
forward messages to your device, when creating a 
filter, select Forward with Level 1 Notification (sends 
messages with higher priority) or Forward header 
only (sends messages with only the To, Sent, and 
From fields).
If the message does not meet any filter criteria and 
should not be forwarded, set the If no filters apply, 
send email to handheld field to No.
Filters are applied to messages based on the order in 
which they appear. If you create multiple filters that 
could apply to the same message, you must decide 
which one should be applied first by placing that filter 
higher in the list.
To create filters on your device, your device must be 
integrated with an account that uses BlackBerry 
Enterprise Server™ version 4.0 or later.
Create filters
1. In the messages options, click Email Filters.
2. Click the trackwheel.
3. Click New.
4. Set the filter information.
5. Click the trackwheel.
6. Click Save.
To add a contact to the From or Sent to fields, click 
the trackwheel. Click Select Name. Click a name. Click 
To make the filter detect messages from multiple 
contacts, use semicolons to separate contacts in the 
From or Sent to fields.
You can also use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to 
create filters. If you use the BlackBerry Internet 
Service™, log in to your account using a desktop 
browser to create filters.
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