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Email messages 
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Email and PIN messages — frequently asked questions
Open messages
An unopened message appears in the messages list 
with a closed envelope icon. After you open the 
message, the closed envelope changes to an open 
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with more 
than one email account, you might be able to open 
messages from the message list for a specific email 
Send email messages
1. In the messages list, click the trackwheel.
2. Click Compose Email.
3. In the To field, type an email address or a contact 
4. Click the trackwheel.
5. Type a message.
6. Click the trackwheel.
7. Click Send.
If a list of names appears as you type a contact name, 
click a name to add that contact to your message.
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with more 
than one email account, you can select an account to 
send the message from. At the top of the message, in 
the Send Using field, press the Space key until the 
preferred email account appears. You might also be 
able to send messages from the message list for a 
specific email account.
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