Security frequently asked questions

Security — frequently asked questions
Why does the Verifying Security Software dialog box 
appear when I restart my device?
How do I restore my device after clearing it?
How do I prevent passwords from accidentally being 
copied to the clipboard?
Can I regenerate encryption keys from my device?
Why do additional security features appear in the 
device options?
How do I specify the criteria for random passwords 
that are generated in the password keeper?
How do I prevent passwords from appearing on the 
screen in the password keeper?
Why does the Verifying Security 
Software dialog box appear when I 
restart my device?
When this dialog box appears, the BlackBerry® device 
is verifying that all security software is implemented 
properly on your device. The tests are designed to run 
automatically when your device restarts.
How do I restore my device after 
clearing it?
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with an 
account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ 
version 4.0 or later, contact your system administrator 
to initiate enterprise activation.
If you are using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, 
restore device data and services using the Backup and 
Restore tool. See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software 
Online Help
 for more information.
How do I prevent passwords from 
accidentally being copied to the 
In the password keeper options, set the Allow 
Clipboard Copy field to False.
Can I regenerate encryption keys 
from my device?
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with an 
account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 
4.0 or later, you can regenerate encryption keys from 
the device.
If your device is integrated with an account that uses 
BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.6 or earlier for 
Microsoft® Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
version 2.2 or earlier for IBM® Lotus® Domino®, or if 
you use the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector to forward 
messages to your device, update the encryption keys 
using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
 for more 
Why do additional security features 
appear in the device options?
Additional security options such as Certificate Servers, 
Certificates, Key Stores, S/MIME, and Memory 
Cleaning might be available. You can use these 
options with the Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail 
Extensions (S/MIME) Support Package. See the 
S/MIME Support Package User Guide Supplement
more information.