Calendar frequently asked questions

Calendar — frequently asked questions
Can I synchronize PIM items over the wireless 
Are there any restrictions for using the calendar with 
Lotus Notes?
How do I expand the number of hours that are shown 
in the calendar?
How do I change the day of the week that displays 
first when viewing the calendar in Week view?
Can I remove the prompt that appears before I delete 
contacts, calendar entries, tasks, or memos?
How do I scroll through the calendar in each view?
How do I change how long appointments remain in 
the device calendar?
How do I know how many contacts, calendar entries, 
tasks, or memos I have saved?
Can I set a snooze time for task and calendar 
What is dismissed if I click Dismiss All in a reminder?
Can I show tasks in the device calendar?
Why do some characters in my desktop calendar not 
appear correctly after synchronization?
Are there any restrictions for using 
the calendar with Lotus Notes?
Yes. If you are an IBM® Lotus Notes® user, you cannot 
create appointments that span multiple days. Also, 
you can only edit the Subject, Location, Reminder, and 
Notes fields and the Mark as Private check box when 
editing a recurring appointment or meeting. When 
editing a recurring meeting that you created, you can 
also edit the meeting participants.
How do I expand the number of 
hours that are shown in the 
In the calendar options, set the Start Of Day and End 
Of Day fields. Save the changes.
How do I change the day of the week 
that displays first when viewing the 
calendar in Week view?
In the calendar options, set the First Day Of Week 
field. Save the changes.
How do I scroll through the calendar 
in each view?
In Day view, roll the trackwheel to move through the 
hours in a day. Roll the trackwheel to the top of the 
screen to select a day in the navigation bar. Click the 
trackwheel to view the selected day. Hold the Alt key 
and roll the trackwheel to move from one day to the 
In Week view, roll the trackwheel to move vertically 
through the hours in a day. Hold the Alt key and roll 
the trackwheel to move horizontally through the days 
of the week.
In Month view, roll the trackwheel to move 
horizontally through the days of the month. Hold Alt 
and roll the trackwheel to move vertically between 
In Agenda view, roll the trackwheel to move through 
the appointments. Hold the Alt key and roll the 
trackwheel to move through days.