Contacts frequently asked questions

Contacts — frequently asked questions
How do I add multiple contacts with the same name 
to my contact list?
Can I change how my contacts or tasks display?
What are the User 1, User 2, User 3, and User 4 fields 
on the New Address screen?
Why does the Add Custom Phone Tune option not 
How do I change the volume level for the custom 
phone tune?
Can I clear all the categories that apply to a contact, 
task, or memo?
Can I remove the prompt that appears before I delete 
contacts, calendar entries, tasks, or memos?
How do I know how many contacts, calendar entries, 
tasks, or memos I have saved?
How do I add multiple contacts with 
the same name to my contact list?
In the address book options, set the Allow Duplicate 
Names field to Yes. Save the changes.
Can I change how my contacts or 
tasks display?
Yes. In the address book, tasks, or memo options, set 
the Sort By field. Save the changes.
What are the User 1, User 2, User 3, 
and User 4 fields on the New 
Address screen?
These fields are custom fields where you can add 
information about your contacts, such as spouse name 
or nickname. You can set up your BlackBerry® Desktop 
Software to synchronize with these custom fields in 
your desktop email program.
You can only synchronize the information in a custom 
field with a text field in your desktop email program. 
For example, you cannot add a contact’s birthday in a 
custom field and synchronize it with your desktop 
email program. The birthday field is a date field in 
your desktop email program, not a text field.
To change the field name for a custom field, when 
creating or editing a contact, click the trackwheel. 
Click Change Field Name.
See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
more information about synchronizing custom fields 
with fields in your desktop email program.
Why does the Add Custom Phone 
Tune option not appear? 
The Add Custom Phone Tune option does not appear 
in the menu if a custom phone tune has already been 
added for the contact. A Calls From profile exception 
appears in the profiles list for contacts with a custom 
phone tune.