Make calls using speed dial

2: Phone
If you set the privacy level for location-based services 
on your device to By Permission or Restricted, and you 
make an emergency call from your device, an 
emergency operator should still be able to estimate 
your approximate location (subject to A-GPS 
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Make calls using speed dial
In the phone, hold the key that is assigned to the 
contact or phone number.
You can also use speed dial to make a phone call on 
the Home screen or in the messages list.
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Check voice mail
In the phone, click the trackwheel. Click Call 
Answer calls
To answer a call, click Answer. If you do not want to 
answer a call, click Ignore.
If you are already connected to a call and you receive 
another call, perform one of the following actions:
• To end your current call and answer the incoming 
call, click Answer - Drop Current.
• To place the current call on hold and answer the 
incoming call, click Answer - Hold Current.
To end a call, press the End key.
You can also press the Send key to answer a call. If 
you are already connected to a call and you receive 
another call, press the Send key to place the current 
call on hold and answer the incoming call.
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Mute calls
To mute a call, click the trackwheel. Click Mute. To 
turn mute off, click the trackwheel. Click Turn Mute 
Place calls on hold
To place a call on hold, click the trackwheel. Click 
Hold. To resume the call, click the trackwheel. Click 
Adjust the phone volume
During a call, roll the trackwheel up to increase the 
volume or roll the trackwheel down to decrease the 
Turn on and off speakerphone
To turn on speakerphone, during a call, press the 
Speakerphone button. 
To turn off speakerphone, during a call, press the 
Speakerphone button again.