How do I create a generic filter

36: Email and PIN messages — frequently asked questions
How do I create a generic filter?
To create a generic filter, use an asterisk (*) when 
specifying the contacts to which the filter applies. In 
the messages options, click Email Filters. In the From 
field, specify part of the sender's address and use an 
asterisk (*) in place of the remaining part.
Why are some messages sent to my 
device even though I have created a 
Filters must be enabled before they apply to your 
messages. In the messages options, click Email Filters. 
Verify that the check boxes beside all the filters that 
you want to apply to your messages are enabled. 
Verify that the filters are in the correct order so they 
can be applied to your messages properly.
Why can’t I specify some folders 
from which email messages are 
On the Folder Redirection screen, folders with check 
boxes that have broken borders are not enabled for 
redirection. If your BlackBerry® device is integrated 
with an account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise 
Server™ version 4.0 or later, the folders should be 
enabled automatically after a short period of time. To 
enable all folders manually for redirection, in the 
messages options, click Email Settings. Click the 
trackwheel. Click Folder Redirection. On the Email 
Reconciliation screen, set the Wireless Reconcile field 
to Off. Save your changes. Open the Email 
Reconciliation screen again and set the Wireless 
Reconcile field to On. Save your changes.
How do I make changes to the 
folders on my device?
You cannot add, edit, or delete folders from your 
BlackBerry® device. To add, edit, or delete a folder, 
change it in your desktop email program and reconcile 
your email messages with your device.
If your device is enabled for wireless email 
reconciliation, changes that you make to the folders in 
your desktop email program should be synchronized 
with your device over the wireless network.
If your device is not enabled for wireless email 
reconciliation, reconcile your email manually using the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software. See the 
Desktop Software Intellisync Online Help
 for more 
How do I stop email messages from 
being sent to my device?
If you are using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, in 
the Redirector Settings tool, clear the Redirect 
incoming messages to your handheld check box.
If your BlackBerry® device is integrated with an 
account that uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ 
version 4.0 or later, in the messages options, click 
Email Settings. Set the Send Email To Handheld field 
to No.
How do I stop messages that are 
sent from my desktop email program 
from appearing on my device?
In the messages options, click Email Settings. Click 
the trackwheel. Click Folder Redirection. Clear the 
check box beside the Sent Items folder.
Can I change the default email 
account that is used when I send