Why are call logs appearing in the

User Guide
Why are call logs appearing in the 
messages list?
When you make or receive a call, the BlackBerry® 
device creates a call log that contains information 
about the call. To stop call logs from appearing in the 
messages list, in the phone options, click Call 
Logging. Set the Show These Call Log Types In 
Message List field to None.
How do I show more of a subject line 
for my messages? 
To show more of the subject line for your messages, 
you can hide the time that the message was received 
and the name of the sender or recipient of the 
message. In the messages options, click General 
Options. Set the Display Time and Display Name 
fields to No.
How do I identify received PIN 
messages as high priority?
In the messages options, click General Options. Set 
the Make PIN Messages Level 1 field to Yes.
Can I remove the prompt that 
appears before I delete messages?
Yes. In the messages options, click General Options. 
Set the Confirm Delete option to No.
Why were some of my messages 
deleted from the device?
If your BlackBerry® device memory is full, your device 
deletes the oldest messages from the messages list to 
accommodate new ones. It does not delete saved 
If you have turned on wireless email reconciliation, 
messages that you delete in your desktop email 
program are also deleted on your device. Messages 
that you delete on your device are also deleted in your 
desktop email program. 
If you deleted multiple messages using Delete Prior, 
the messages are only deleted from your device.
How do I change how long messages 
and phone call logs remain in the 
messages list?
To change the number of days that your BlackBerry® 
device keeps messages and call logs in the messages 
list, in the message options, click General Options. Set 
the Keep Messages field.
Messages that are sent to your device that are older 
than the number of days that you specify in the Keep 
Messages field are deleted from your device. The 
messages can be restored, however, if you set the 
Keep Messages field to a longer period of time. When 
you increase the amount of time in this field, any 
messages that are sent to your device during that 
period of time appear in the messages list.
How do I restrict the types of email 
messages that are sent to my 
You can create filters to send only specific email 
messages to your BlackBerry® device. 
See “Create filters” on page 22 for more information.
To stop messages that do not meet any filter criteria 
from being sent to your device, in the message 
options, click Email Filters. Set the If no filters apply, 
send email to handheld field to No.