How do I create and use links in

36: Email and PIN messages — frequently asked questions
How do I create and use links in 
Links appear in your messages as underlined text. 
Messages can contain links to various items such as 
phone numbers, web sites, and email addresses. When 
you receive a message that contains a link, click the 
link. In the menu, click the menu items that apply to 
the type of link selected.
The BlackBerry® device should automatically 
recognize most linkable items as links. To create a link 
for a PIN, type pin: before typing the PIN number.
Why is “More available” appearing 
at the end of my message?
Long messages are sent to your BlackBerry® device in 
sections. As you read the first section, the next section 
should be sent to your device automatically, if you are 
in a wireless coverage area. However, it might take 
several seconds before your device receives the next 
To send only the first section of long messages to your 
device, in the messages options, click General 
Options. Set the Auto More field to No. The next time 
that you receive a long message, “More available” 
appears at the bottom. To request more of the 
message, click the trackwheel. Click More. To view the 
rest of the message, click More All.
Can I file messages?
Yes. If you have turned on wireless email reconciliation 
for your BlackBerry® device, any messages that you 
file on your device are also filed in your desktop email 
If your device is not enabled for wireless email 
reconciliation, your device must be integrated with an 
account that uses the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector 
or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ to file messages. 
You must perform an initial email reconciliation with 
the BlackBerry Desktop Software so that the folders in 
your desktop email program appear on your device. 
See the 
BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help
more information about configuring email 
reconciliation manually.
Can I hide sent messages?
Yes. In the messages options, click General Options. 
Set the Hide Sent Messages field to Yes.
To view sent messages, in the messages list, click the 
trackwheel. Click View Folder. Click Sent Items. Click 
Select Folder.
Why can’t I see a new message in 
the messages list even though I 
received notification?
If email messages are sent to your BlackBerry® device 
from specific desktop email program folders and, in 
the general messages options, you set the Hide Filed 
Messages option to Yes, new messages that are sent 
to your device should be filed automatically, and 
might not appear in the messages list. To view all your 
messages, set the Hide Filed Messages field to No.
Why is there a different icon beside 
some items in the messages list?
Different icons are used in the messages list to 
indicate message status, saved web pages, call logs, 
messages with attachments, and so on. See the 
printed documentation that accompanied your 
BlackBerry® device for more information about 
message status indicators.