Find your phone number
Make phone calls
Make emergency calls
Acquire the GPS position of your device
Change the privacy setting for location-based services
Make calls using speed dial
Check voice mail
Answer calls
Mute calls
Place calls on hold
Adjust the phone volume
Turn on and off speakerphone
Alternate between two calls
Use other programs during calls
Dial using letters
Make three-way calls
Assign speed dial numbers to keys
Log calls
Forward calls
Set call waiting
Set default country and area codes
Set corporate extension dialing
Set voice mail options
Set the TTY option
Set the default call volume
Reset call timers
Phone shortcuts
Phone — frequently asked questions
Find your phone number
In the phone, the My Number field displays your 
phone number.
Make phone calls
On the Home screen, type a phone number. Press the 
Send key. To end the call, press the End key.
Press the Send key on any screen to open the phone.
Select a contact, call log, or phone number link on any 
screen and press the Send key to make a call.
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Make emergency calls
You should be able to make emergency calls even if 
your BlackBerry® device is locked or the SIM card is 
not inserted. If your device is not connected to the 
wireless network, it should connect automatically 
when the emergency call is initiated. 
To make an emergency call, perform one of the 
following actions:
• Unlocked keyboard or device: In the phone, type 
the emergency number. Press the Send key.