Phone frequently asked questions

Phone — frequently asked questions
Why can I not make calls?
Why am I no longer receiving calls?
Can I use the phone when the device or keyboard is 
Can I use call forwarding?
How do I edit the phone number to which my calls are 
Can I use call waiting?
Can I use a TTY device with my device?
Can I set the phone to display frequently called 
How do I change how long messages and phone call 
logs remain in the messages list?
How do I stop my device from answering or ending 
calls automatically?
How do I hide my phone number in the phone?
Why isn’t the ring tone being played the number of 
times that I have set?
Why can I not make calls?
Verify that you are in a wireless coverage area and 
that your BlackBerry® device is connected to the 
wireless network. See the printed documentation that 
accompanied your device for more information about 
wireless coverage levels.
Why am I no longer receiving calls?
Verify that you are in a wireless coverage area and 
that your BlackBerry® device is connected to the 
wireless network. See the printed documentation that 
accompanied your device for more information about 
wireless coverage levels.
If you still cannot receive calls, verify that call 
forwarding is turned off.
Can I use the phone when the device 
or keyboard is locked?
The BlackBerry® device is designed to enable you to 
make emergency calls when your device or keyboard is 
See “Make emergency calls” on page 11 for more 
information on emergency calls.
If your device is integrated with a corporate email 
account, you might be able to make other phone calls 
when your device is locked. Contact your system 
administrator for more information.
If you receive a call when the keyboard is locked, the 
keyboard unlocks when you answer the call.
If you receive a call when the device is password 
locked, you can answer the call, but your device 
remains password locked during the call. You can 
perform regular phone actions, such as mute and hold. 
When you end the call, the device remains password