General frequently asked questions

General — frequently asked questions
Why are some of the features described not available 
on my device?
What software version do I have on my device?
Why is there a flashing light on my device?
Why does my device screen turn off?
How do I register my device with the network?
Can I determine how much memory each database on 
my device is using?
Why are some of the features 
described not available on my 
Depending on your service provider plan or the type of 
account that you are using, some features might not 
be available on your BlackBerry® device. Also, your 
device might not have been provisioned for certain 
features by your system administrator. Contact your 
system administrator or service provider for more 
What software version do I have on 
my device?
To view BlackBerry® device information such as your 
device type, software version, and copyright 
information, in the device options, click About. To 
return to the device options, press the Escape button 
Why is there a flashing light on my 
The notification LED on the top of your BlackBerry® 
device flashes different colors to indicate various 
A green light indicates that you are in a wireless 
coverage area.
A red light indicates that a new message has arrived 
and your current profile is set to notify you using the 
An amber light indicates that the battery is low.
A blue light indicates that your device is connected to 
a Bluetooth®-enabled device.
Why does my device screen turn off?
When your BlackBerry® device is not used for a period 
of time, the screen turns off to conserve battery power. 
To turn the screen on again, roll the trackwheel or 
press a key.
How do I register my device with the 
When you connect to the wireless network for the first 
time or load new programs, your BlackBerry® device 
should register with the network automatically. To 
register your device manually, in the device options, 
click Advanced Options. Click Host Routing Table. 
Click the trackwheel. Click Register Now.