Replacing the remote control batteries, Remote control effective range

  Important safety instructions
Replacing the remote control batteries
1. To open the battery cover, turn the remote control over to view its back, push on the finger grip on 
the cover and slide it up in the direction of the arrow as illustrated. The cover will slide off.
2. Remove any existing batteries (if necessary) and install two AAA batteries observing the battery 
polarities as indicated in the base of the battery compartment. Positive (+) goes to positive and 
negative (-) goes to negative.
3. Refit the cover by aligning it with the base and sliding it back down into position. Stop when it clicks 
into place.
•  Avoid leaving the remote control and batteries in an excessive heat or humid environment like the 
kitchen, bathroom, sauna, sunroom or in a closed car.
•  Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the battery manufacturer.
•  Dispose of the used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions and local environment 
regulations for your region.
•  Never throw the batteries into a fire. There may be danger of an explosion.
•  If the batteries are dead or if you will not be using the remote control for an extended period of time, 
remove the batteries to avoid damage to the remote control from possible battery leakage.
Remote control effective range
The remote control must be held at an angle within 30 degrees perpendicular to the projector's IR 
remote control sensor(s) to function correctly. The distance between the remote control and the 
sensor(s) should not exceed 8 meters (~ 26 feet).
Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the IR sensor(s) on the projector 
that might obstruct the infra-red beam.
Ceiling mounting the projector
We want you to have a pleasant experience using your BenQ projector, so we need to bring this safety 
matter to your attention to prevent damage to person and property.
If you intend to mount your projector on the ceiling, we strongly recommend that you use a proper 
fitting BenQ projector ceiling mount kit and that you ensure it is securely and safely installed.
•  Operating the projector from the front
x. +1
•  Operating the projector from the top
Approx. +15º