Operating in a high altitude environment, Hiding the image

white color with a low color temperature appears to be reddish white. A white color with a 
high color temperature appears to have more blue in it.
4. Other adjustments
You can find other image quality fine-tune selections in the PICTURE menu as well. See 
"Picture menu" on page 48
 for details.
Operating in a high altitude environment
We recommend you use the High Altitude Mode when your environment is higher than 
3200 feet above sea level, or is hotter than 40
, or whenever the projector will be used for 
extended periods of time (>10 hours) without shutdown.
To activate the High Altitude Mode, go to 
SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced > High 
Altitude Mode, 
select On by pressing 
Right on the projector or remote control. A 
confirmation message displays. Highlight Yes 
and press ENTER.
Operation under "High Altitude Mode" may 
cause a higher decibel operating noise level 
because of increased fan speed necessary to 
improve overall system cooling and 
If you use this projector under other extreme conditions excluding the above, it may display 
auto shut-down symptoms, which is designed to protect your projector from over-heating. 
In cases like this, you should switch to High Altitude mode to solve these symptoms. 
However, this is not to state that this projector can operate under any and all harsh or 
extreme conditions.
Hiding the image
In order to draw the audience's full attention to the 
presenter, you can use BLANK on the projector and 
remote control to hide the screen image. Press any 
button (except LASER) on the projector and remote 
control to restore the image. The word 'BLANK' 
appears at the lower right corner of the screen while 
the image is hidden. When this function is activated 
with an audio input connected, the audio can still be 
You can set a time length in the 
Basic > Blank Timer 
menu to let the projector return the image automatically after a period 
of time when there is no action taken on the projector or remote control. The length of time 
can be set from 5 to 30 minutes in 5-minute increments. 
If the preset time spans are not suitable for your personation, select Disable. No matter 
Blank Timer is activated or disabled, you can press any button (except LASER) anytime you 
want to restore the image.
Do not block the projection lens from projecting as this could cause the blocking object to 
become heated and deformed or even cause a fire.
High Altitude Mode is used when the 
environment is higher than 3200 feet, 
or the temperature is over 40°C.
Do you want to turn the High Altitude 
Mode on?