How can I judge if my LCD panel is out of order and what should I do if this happens

FAQ and troubleshooting
How can I judge if my LCD panel is out of order and what 
should I do if this happens?
If your Joybook cannot display images at the default resolution, 
please visit the BenQ web site to download and update the latest 
Joybook display drivers.
Contact your BenQ dealer if you encounter the following 
• The screen flickers when the system starts up normally.
• Fonts displayed on the screen are unclear and strange codes 
• There is no display when the hard disk is running normally.
• Colors on the screen are strange and turn into white.
• Vertical or horizontal lines appear on the screen.
• When playing a media file using Windows Media Player, the 
frame speed is abnormal.
• The sound changes while the screen remains the same when 
playing games.
Why do I get black and white picture (or horizontal lines) when 
I connect my Joybook to the TV?
It is most likely that the signal from the Joybook is not 
compatible with your TV. Make sure you select the appropriate 
video standard according to your country/region. For details, 
refer to 
"Adjusting video standards manually" on page 49
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